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Avoyelles: Centre De La Louisiane

Avoyelles: Centre De La Louisiane

Recently, after nearly 30 years, we launched a new logo as part of an overall brand referesh for Travel Avoyelles.The goal of this rebrand is to provide a unified voice and vision for welcoming visitors to experience our unique cultural and entertainment offerings. This sharing of our hospitality will become a catalyst for increased visitation and economic development. We are excited about this step forward with a new look that more authentically represents Avoyelles and the people who make it so special.

We know how special Avoyelles is and we want to share that with visitors from around the state...and the world! One of our goals when developing this rebrand with the Graham Group, was to include input from residents on what makes Avoyelles unique. Through a public, online survey, we gained valuable feedback that helped us to develop a brand that truly represnts its communtiy. 

Wynne Waltman of the Graham Group led the process and shared that the attribute she focused on was Avoyelles’ location, which is in the heart of our state.

“The one thing Avoyelles can lay claim to that no one else can claim is they are the very center of Louisiana,” said Waltman. “So, we are going to use that as our hook to lay all these other attributes on. This logo really evokes that spirit, the friendliness and the fun of this area.” 

As an ode to Avoyelles' French-speaking heritage, the phrase "Centre De La Louisiana," was incorporated as a tagline into the new branding. "Centre De La Louisiana," which translates to "Center of Louisiana," reflects Avoyelles physical location as well as the unique qualities that make it the heart of Louisiana. 

Learn more about the Travel Avoyelles rebrand, including updated brand guidines.